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Lure Cast offers 3 different specialized recommendations so that you can quickly access the results you are looking for. Our strategies are tournament ready and are easy and efficient to use.

How it works.

Add your conditions

Although our algorithms consider about a dozen different factors, you only have to provide 1-2.

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Review your results, re-tie your lines, adjust your strategy, and you're set. It's that easy.

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Lure Cast has helped countless users have more success out on the water. You will be no exception.

Information on 30 of the most popular lures and rigs.

With Lure Cast you can access detailed information on 30 of the most popular bass fishing lures and rigs. Our lure catalog offers a description, ideal locations, and techniques for every lure.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our strategies consider many factors including target area, body of water, water clarity, water temperature, air temperature, weather condition, pressure, wind speed, season, and more.